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Will Shabana Live Up to Their Standards? Are The Dockers Going To End Gor’s Unbeaten Run?

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Bidco United v Shabana Fc, Thika Stadium.

Securing the foremost standing in terms of performance during matchweek 15 is Shabana Fc, whose recent triumph over Sofapaka included not only scoring but also clinching victory with a four-goal lead. Despite this notable achievement, the team’s overall standing remains unimproved, as they persistently inhabit the lower echelons of the standings. Conversely, occupying the 10th position, Bidco finds itself distanced by a margin of seven points from its counterparts. Regrettably, Bidco’s preceding quintet of matches does not exhibit a praiseworthy demonstration of prowess, marked by a sole victory, three defeats, and one drawn encounter. The impending clash between these two sides holds promise for an intriguing spectacle, with both teams avidly pursuing not only victory but also the accrual of additional points.

Players to watch.

Shabana – Ezekiel Omuri’s Shabana will be looking towards Omuri Continuing with his recent brilliance as they face Bidco having led the to a second win of the season last week

Bidco United – Thomas Wainaina and his marauding runs on the flanks will be a headache for the Shabana defense, Bidco will be looking at Capitalizing on this to clinch the three points

Gor Mahia v Bandari, Kasarani Main Stadium.

Following a slip-up in their previous encounter with Nzoia Sugar, Johnathan McKinstry’s men demonstrated a marked revival in their performance against Talanta FC. The league leaders aim to enhance their standing, building on a remarkable 16-match unbeaten streak in the 2023/2024 Kenya Premier League. Holding an impressive 31 points, Gor Mahia comfortably occupies the pinnacle and is poised to sustain its position at the league summit.

However, Bandari is not to be underestimated. The dockers have experienced a noteworthy ascent in the league standings, particularly showcasing commendable home performances. Despite a setback against Nairobi City Stars in their preceding match, they expeditiously regained their winning form in the recent encounter against Murang’a Seal. The two teams’ history has Gor Mahia winning in 15 direct matches, Bandari in 6, and 7 remaining matches ended in a draw. Bandari seeks to prove their mettle, while their counterparts aim to regain their position in the league.

Players to watch.

Gor Mahia – Austine was the match winner for Gor in their last outing, they will be looking for such a performance in their next game vs the dockers

Bandari – Michael Apudo, since transitioning to the left back position, Apudo has been the shinning light at the dockers, dictating play from defense, Bandari will hope he continues this against his former employers

Kakamega Homeboyz v Nairobi City Stars. Bukhungu Stadium, Kakamega.

AFC Leopards marred their clean sheet in the latest match, swiftly overturning what was previously a streak of victories for the rising stars. Despite an uncertain beginning to the season, the team managed to secure triumphs in their last five outings. However, this recent setback has led to a shift in their position on the Premier League table, and they currently occupy the third spot.

Apart from a defeat against Tusker FC, Nairobi City Stars have demonstrated unwavering consistency in elevating their game. They have emerged victorious in their past four matches, establishing themselves as formidable contenders for Kakamega Homeboyz. Their entry into this fixture follows a recent triumph against Ulinzi Stars.

Players to watch.

Kk Homeboyz – Shumah, He has been a man on form and a revelation for the Patrick Odhaimbo coached side, they will be looking at his goal scoring prowess to give them a boost vs City

Nairobi City Stars-Bajaber, his Brilliance in the final third and creativity will be the spark simba wa Nairobi will be looking at as they continue with their fine form

KCB FC v Nzoia Sugar, Kasarani Annex.

The bankers have adeptly surged to the second position in the premier league, propelled by an impressive showing in their recent face-off against Police FC. Over their last six matches, they have remained unbeaten, securing three victories and three draws collectively.

Conversely, Nzoia Sugar finds themselves anchored at the league’s bottom tier, their descent accelerated by a dismal performance. The team suffered a defeat in their recent clash against Tusker FC and has yet to secure a win following a string of losses, with only one draw in their last five matches. Despite these divergent trajectories, both teams share identical outcomes in their preceding 12 matches, each securing victories in five encounters and experiencing two draws in the remaining ones.

Players to watch

KCB FC- Derrick Otieno, He has been a silent worker in the team with his efforts being rewarded with a goal in the recent match vs Police, the bankers will hope his efforts will lead them to victory

Nzoia Sugar-Haki, the speedy winger has been a revelation for the sugar millers, his hazy runs will be a headache to the bankers.

Muhoroni Youth v Sofapaka, Muhoroni Stadium.

Having secured just a solitary victory in their most recent six matches, Muhoroni Youth finds themselves entrenched in a series of defeats, currently dwelling in the penultimate position at the bottom of the Premier League standings. Their current situation sees them narrowly perched above Nzoia Sugar, and with an ardent desire for resurgence, they look forward to a challenging encounter against Sofapaka FC, who currently holds a two-point advantage over them in the league standings.

Sofapaka’s defensive strategies in their recent game were subpar as they consistently conceded goals. Looking ahead to their upcoming match, they confront Muhoroni Youth, reeling from a recent 4-1 loss to Shabana. Their previous encounters against Kariobangi Sharks and Nzoia Sugar ended in draws. In the last 14 meetings between the two teams, Sofapaka has emerged victorious seven times, Muhoroni three times, and the remaining four have concluded in draws, indicating that Sofapaka is likely to put up a determined fight.

Players to watch.

Muhoroni Youth- Bulimo Clinton his long throws have been Muhoroni’s secret weapon, Muhoroni will hope that his deliveries will propel them to three points vs “Batoto ba Mungu”

Sofapaka – Fiston, The former golden boot winner has shown glimpses of his brilliance this season and Sofapaka will be looking at him to provide the much needed spark

Talanta FC v Kariobangi Sharks, Kasarani Annex.

Having secured a lone victory in their past quintet of matches, Talanta FC is set to engage in a spirited clash with Kariobangi Sharks at the hallowed grounds of Kasarani Annex. This encounter follows a disheartening loss to Gor Mahia, precipitating their descent to the 11th position in the Premier League standings.

Kariobangi Sharks, having settled for a draw against Bidco United in their recent outing, are now preparing to confront their adversaries. This preparation comes on the heels of a challenging phase marked by six successive defeats in their preceding matches.

Players to watch.

Talanta FC – Kevintom Machika, the former Sharks and green Commandoes will have a point to prove against his former side as they face off, Talanta will bank on this to push him to score

Kariobangi Sharks- Biron Otieno, Ngolo as he is referred to has been the cog in sharks midfield, breaking up plays winning aerial duels, Sharks will be looking at his work rate to secure them the win.

Tusker Fc v Police Fc, Kasarani stadium.

Logarusic’s strategic acumen has significantly bolstered Police FC, yet in the recent duo of matches, he encountered a setback. Initially, there was a deadlock against Muhoroni Youth, followed by a resounding defeat at the hands of KCB FC. Nevertheless, there’s a prospect for the team to restore its prowess in the upcoming encounter against Tusker, a formidable but unpredictable adversary in performance.

Tusker FC approaches the impending match week buoyed by triumphs in their latest consecutive fixtures. They boast an unblemished record in their last quintet of matches, comprising three victories and two draws. Eager to sustain their positive momentum, they aim to confront Police FC, capitalizing on their newfound form to potentially elevate their standings.

Players to watch.

Tusker FC-Mike Oduor, his brilliance on the wing led tusker to their last win, the brewers will hope he will carry this to their next fixture.

Police FC-Tyson Otieno, the former Mathare and Kariobangi Sharks man has lit up under their new coach Logarusic, he will hope his creativity helps them bounce back from their defeat vs Kcb

Ulinzi Stars v Posta Rangers, Ulinzi Sports Complex.

 A historical analysis unveils Ulinzi Stars’ dominance with eight direct victories, contrasting with Posta Rangers’ three triumphs, leaving the remaining nine matches deadlocked.

Despite this historical advantage, Posta Rangers currently occupies the 4th position in the league hierarchy, a stark contrast to Ulinzi’s 12th position. Both teams, coming off recent defeats, harbor aspirations for a resurgence.

Posta Rangers, in their last five matches, have encountered two defeats, two draws, and a singular triumph. On the other hand, Ulinzi Stars’ recent record showcases three losses, one victory, and one draw. As they approach this impending encounter, both squads are fueled by the determination to rebound from their recent setbacks.

Players to watch.

Ulinzi Stars- Muchiri, Muchiri has hit Dizzying heights this season setting the right wing ablaze and scoring for fun, Ulinzi will be looking at his input to push them past the mail men

Posta Rangers- Brian Otieno, Brian has been instrumental at the mail men this season, they will be looking at his performance to give them the edge.

Murang’a Seal v AFC Leopards ,TBC.

Entering this fixture with their head held high, the Ingwe boys draw inspiration from a remarkable performance against Kakamega Homeboyz in their latest outing. Marking their second victory of the season, this success serves as a revitalizing surge following a string of prior setbacks.

Perhaps they have regained their form, or there exists the potential for them to revert to a more reserved style, considering their tendency to engage in spirited battles against formidable opponents while adopting a more laid-back approach in other matches. Regardless, their newfound confidence is a stepping stone.

Having clinched their last win against Tusker FC on November 5th, Murang’a Seal has stumbled through a series of setbacks and draws in their past six encounters, with the recent face-off against Bandari leaving them disoriented. Despite the hurdles, having started the season atop the league, they now gear up for a clash with AFC Leopards, eyeing a resurgence against what appears to be a worthy opponent and steadfastly aiming to reclaim their winning form.

Players to watch.

Murang’a Seal – Kapchanga, Titus has been on form at Murang’a this season finding the back of the net at will, Murang’a will be looking at his antics for the win

AFC Leopards – Beja delivered a masterclass in Ingwe’s Last outing to deliver them their second win of the season, they will be hoping for such a vs Murang’a Seals.

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